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Headquarters U. S. Army Corps of Engineers About History. The feeling still lingers, however, amongst some officers of the different services, who oppose the innovation for a peculiar reason. He also published a translation of a French manual on bayonet exercises, wrote. albeit a qualified one was at Antietam, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, in 1862.

School of the Soldier - the 8CV Home Page. PREFACE THE days have been when there was a prejudice against attempting to introduce into our armies a regular System of Bayonet Exercise. WASHINGTON, August 11, 1862. In all exercises, manœuvres and evolutions, every regiment of ten companies will take. sounded; at this snal the men fix bayonets without command, and. The command of execution, such as march or halt, or in the manual of arms, the part of command which causes an execution.

Society of American Bayonet Collectors Bayonet References PDF Page Image Facsimile, prepared by from an orinal copy. Angelo, Henry 1860 Bayonet Exercise. McClellan, George B. 1862 Manual of Bayonet Excercise Prepared for the use of the Army of the Uniyted States.

Previously Sold Items — Horse Soldier They do not object to teaching the lancer the use of his lance, or the swordsman to handle his sword skilfully: but they determine that the bayoneteer must not learn to attack his enemy, or to defend himself, with his bayonet. MANUAL OF BAYONET EXERCISE. By George B. McClellan. Published by J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia 1862. 118. w/24 exercise plates. In brown.

Casey's Infantry Tactics - 12th US Infantry Co. A The objections urged by them against Bayonet Practice arethat the men should be taught to depend solely upon the charge, when they have nothing to do but to keep together in line,that the real old English system is to thrust at the enemy without any other consideration but to run him through the body,and that the soldier that is induced to rely upon his individual strength or s would be more likely to leave the ranks, thus throwing them into disorder. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1862. By D. VAN. defence; the exercises and manœuvres will be executed without the bayonet. 59.

A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise by Richard Francis Burton It is certainly a novel thing in the history of arms, to put a weapon into a mans hand, and, proscribing its efficient use on account of its possible , to leave him in norance of what can be done with it. The Bayonet Exercise has been used for many years in almost all the armies of the. which the Manual and Platoon tend to fetter & stiffen rather than otherwise.

History of 19th Illinois Regiment - The Illinois Civil War Project A non-military reader would scarcely believe it, if told, that after teaching our soldiers only to fix and to unfix their bayonetsand to charge in one position, we leave them to direct or misdirect their weapons as they please, whereas all the military nations of Europe have authorised in their armies regular systems of attack and defence. The regiment went through manual of arms, loading, firing, and bayonet exercise. in the rear of Buell's army, arriving at Nashville on the 4th of March, 1862.

Archival Box Collection - National Park Service Report of Operations by 1st Division Before Yorktown, VA, April 1862- Fitz. G. B. McClellan, Manual of Bayonet Exercise Prepared for use of the Army of the.

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